Class confusion

So every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I have English 125 at 8 am.  As I’m not a morning person at all, I think I have been to class on time maybe 3 times this semester.  My teacher doesn’t care, as he is rarely on time himself.  Well, I walked in to class today about 3 minutes late (around my usual time) and the room was completely empty.  No note on the door, no email saying class was cancelled.  So now I am sitting at the union wasting time until my 9 oclock class, wondering what happened, if class was cancelled and he forgot to tell us or if he moved rooms and didn’t leave a note.  Not happy to be up right now!

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The physics department needs a makeover

When I signed up to take physics 211 last semester, I knew it would be my least favorite class.  I hated it in high school and knew that I wasn’t going to enjoy it anymore now.  However, my major requires it, so I sucked it up and registered for it.  I don’t think the lecture portion of the class would be so bad if the professor didn’t give us assignments, quizzes, and tests on things he was going to teach us the week AFTER he assigned them to us.  So I’m basically teaching myself everything, but then going to class, wasting my time learning stuff I had to teach myself anyway, simply because there may be a pop quiz.  He also required us to buy a $40 clicker that we have yet to use and our textbook  and a web based assignment program that had the textbook available for free on it.

The lab is so much worse.  Our TA doesn’t teach us anything.  We walk in and she says ok go ahead and do it.  If we ask questions, she stares at us like we are dumb and then walks away.  She also informed us that she is going to start docking us points for asking questions.  She is just awful and makes me either want to cry or scream every time I go to class.

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